Includes Free Bonus DVD program “Advanced Hostage Rescue”


RED CELL Special Edition DVD

Featuring Richard Marcinko



Classified top secret by the Navy and banished by the Department of Defense, "Red Cell" is the true account of a unit the government denies ever existed! Staffed by members of the Navy's top secret SEAL Team Six, Red Cell used their special skills to carry out successful terrorist attacks against American military bases, assets, and personnel worldwide.

The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the chapters you want to review.  This DVD tells the shocking truth about "Red Cell" in the words of the insiders who created, implemented, and operated Red Cell. "Red Cell" contains rare and exclusive footage shot during raids conducted by Red Cell. It contains evidence of stunning lapses in military security as well as never before seen footage of Red Cell Teams in action. Decide for yourself whether the Navy was justified in disbanding Red Cell, or if this was just a band-aid approach designed to stifle criticism of base security operations.

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*This DVD is a double feature disc. It includes a second bonus DVD program "Advanced Hostage Rescue"  *see description below: 

“ Advanced Hostage Rescue”

featuring Richard Marcinko



While U S military elite are busy performing police work abroad, American SWAT Teams are now using military weapons and tactics at home. The fusion of police and military techniques is extremely hard, fast, and deadly. Train Hard Fight Easy is an explosive documentary series that takes you deep inside the covert, full speed training sessions that teach elite operators how to prevail in any situation. These secret training sessions are closed to media coverage of any type. The extraordinary images and sounds of these events have been captured on video for the first time during the filming of "Advanced Hostage Rescue".

The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the lessons you want to review. "Advanced Hostage Rescue" features SOS Temps Inc, a Virginia based company founded by Richard Marcinko, of "Red Cell" fame. This dramatic DVD reveals the high-speed tactics used by hostage rescue units when innocent lives hang in the balance. Marcinko guides this close up look at exotic high speed shooting drills and takedown tactics used by elite anti-terrorist forces. This amazing film is guaranteed to leave you breathless! A LOTI Group DVD.




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