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Train Hard Fight Easy Series On DVD:

featuring Marc “Animal” Mac Young & Richard Dobson



Surviving A Knife Attack Special Edition DVD

This double feature DVD includes the hit film: Winning A Knife Fight The DVD


Violence has become so common in society that daily routine often puts us in harms way. Survivors of street assaults are rarely in a position to teach others how it occurred-much less how to recognize and avoid trouble before it's too late. "Surviving A Street Knife Attack Special Edition DVD” is the first clear, in depth training system that focuses on the realities of street knife attacks. Learn easy to use techniques you can use to avoid being crippled or killed in a knife attack.

As the author of ten books on street survival, Mac Young knows the Surviving
Menu1difference between the inside of a dojo and the reality of the streets. He has collected the best of street fighting science and put it into a truly dynamic video. This film explodes the myths that are taught in many martial arts classes-myths that will get you killed in a real fight. The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the lessons you want to review.

Action packed demonstrations show moves you can quickly draw on to save your life. "Surviving A Knife Attack Special Edition DVD" leaves nothing to chance. If you deal in confrontation, you need this DVD!


 A LOTI Group film on DVD.  $20.00 + free shipping anywhere in USA. Click HERE to ORDER DVD.


**"Surviving A Street Knife Attack Special Edition DVD” is a double feature DVD disk. It contains this second FREE bonus film on the same DVD:


“Winning A Street Knife Fight The DVD

with Marc "Animal" Mac Young

Statistics show that every five minutes an American is maimed or killed in a knife attack. In Winning 
A Knife
many other countries, knife attacks are even more prevalent due to a lack of alternative weapons. Make no mistake about it; the chance of meeting up with a knife is very real no matter where you live. A punk wielding a switchblade will not give you much time to improvise. The best time to decide how to handle a knife attack is in advance.


"Winning A Street Knife Fight The DVD" is a companion topic to LOTI Group's bestseller "Surviving A Knife Attack”. Why two films? When odds are against you or you are outnumbered, life and limb is at stake. Under dire circumstances you may find that the best defense is a really good offense. A skilled offensive technique increases your defensive capabilities many times over.

"Winning A Street Knife Fight The DVD" is a collection of consistently effective offensive moves presented by Marc "Animal" Mac Young and technical advisor Richard Dobson. These two seasoned street fighters demonstrate how to set up offensive moves and efficient ways to make them work. This action-packed DVD shows you how to meet any attack with an effective counter attack.

By mastering exactly how various knife attacks occur, you'll be able to recognize and defuse dangerous situations as soon as they arise. "Winning A Street Knife Fight The DVD" is a must for any serious student of self-defense.  This film is included as a bonus feature on “Surviving A Knife Attack Special Edition DVD”. Don’t miss out on this incredible 2 for 1 value 2 for 1 value. Click HERE to ORDER this DVD.

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