C. J. Caracci
"When you make yourself a better person, you make the world a better place."


During his career as a Navy SEAL, Chris Caracci participated in a wide range of Special Warfare operations, including open and closed circuit SCUBA diving, High Altitude/Low Opening parachuting and the demolition of explosives during Naval Special Warfare Operations. Caracci specialized in overseas assignments fostering diplomatic relations as a member of the Military Advisory Group assigned to the Middle East and Far Eastern Theatres.


After serving as Ordnance Representative for his operationally active SEAL Platoon, Caracci was assigned as Ordnance Department Representative in SEAL Team One Training Cadre. There he was responsible for care and maintenance of platoon weapons, ordering munitions, and instruction of newly formed platoons. Caracci originated, prepared, presented, evaluated, and administered all subject matter for basic platoon training classes in the area of weapons characteristics and handling. Caracci also assisted and advised training classes for demolitions and hand to hand combat. Other responsibilities included Field Supervision for live fire evolutions (night and day) and the evaluation of all such instruction including final training exercises.


Caracci was screened and selected from the top 1% of the Naval Special Warfare Community to serve as a member of the Navy's only active command tasked with an ongoing anti-terrorist mission, SEAL Team Six. Here he received extremely advanced special warfare training such as Advanced Technical Rock and Building Climbing, Combat and Emergency Medicine, Close Quarters Battle/Urban Warfare, Anti-Terrorist Defensive Driving, Improvised Explosive Devices, and others. All duties performed in SEAL Team Six were in support of highly classified and sensitive missions.


Caracci's SEAL training gave him extensive experience in anti-terrorism, counter terrorist, hostage barricade techniques, close quarter battle, and urban contingency operations. These skills are currently being put to use in his career as a Tactical Training Expert working with elite Law Enforcement and military Special Operations units worldwide. Caracci has appeared in a number of LOTI Group tactical training films and is the Creator of the Navy SEAL Workout Series.



C J Caracci can be seen working in his capacity  as a SEAL physical training instructor in the following films on DVD:






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C J Caracci can be seen in his capacity as a tactical training instructor in the following films on DVD:


Hand To Hand
For Police DVD         Red Cell +Advanced
Hostage Rescue DVD       CQB


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