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The Train Hard Fight Easy Series presents:


911 Police Patrol Tactics on DVD

featuring C.J. Caracci

**This double feature DVD includes the hit film: CQB Clearing Tactics For 1st Responders

The 911 officer is the front line soldier in the "war on crime". Emergency calls ranging from domestic feuds to crimes in progress cause patrol officers put their lives on the line as they enter into unknown territory in response. Because many police departments do not have the time, money or manpower to give the type of specialized training to their patrolmen that their tactical units receive, the ongoing training of the 911 officer is often neglected. "911 Patrol Tactics" teaches the basic tactics frequently overlooked by officers as they answer emergency calls.

The information in this video is priceless for every officer who ever has to answer an emergency call. The presentation is easy to understand and the images are hard to forget. "911 Patrol Tactics" contains the type of police training needed for real world situations. Every agency owes its men this type of tactical training. A LOTI Group film $20.00 DVD   free shipping anywhere in USA.   Click HERE to ORDER.  * 911 Police Patrol Tactics” is a double feature DVD disk. It contains this second popular film title on the same DVD:

CQB  Clearing Tactics For First Responders

DVDIn a crisis situation, every decision you make must be worth your life. The First Responder faces a difficult choice:  whether to act now or to wait for help.  In a perfect world, backup would be immediate for the lone patrolman.  In a perfect world, police would arrive before an intruder could harm innocent people. In real life, the situation dictates. Sometimes an individual must take immediate action to save himself or to protect others.


When dealing with an intruder in a confined environment, target practice alone can’t insure your safety. To be effective, you must learn how to move safely and correctly. If you don’t, you may become a target for your adversary.   Police response time varies widely depending on location. And in the event of a large-scale disaster, there may be no response at all.  Law enforcement pros rely on tactical skills and practice gain an edge against the criminal. This DVD addresses the tactics needed to prevail in real world situations.


        Using angles and architecture to your advantage

        Weapon manipulation

        Barricade shooting 

        How to traverse thresholds

        Negotiating hallways

        The critical use of lighting

        Utilizing cover and concealment


SEAL Team Six veteran and tactical training expert Chris Caracci has created and conducted training for tactical units worldwide. His expertise in anti terrorism, hostage rescue and firearms disciplines are showcased in videos used in training law enforcement and security professionals. Caracci has created  “CQB Tactics For First Responders” to benefit those seeking realistic training tactics for individual defense.


menuThe information on this DVD is geared toward the individual responder. Using this DVD, you will learn the basic principles around which all clearing tactics are built. To learn about clearing tactics for 2 or more patrol officers, we recommend viewing “911 Police Tactics” which is the bonus feature on this DVD. To learn about clearing tactics used by entry teams, we recommend the DVD High Risk Entry and the DVD “Police Special Operations Tactics”.   The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the lessons you want to review. Click HERE to ORDER this double feature DVD.

The Train Hard Fight Easy series is your backstage pass to elite tactical units in training for Spec Ops missions. Each title showcases cutting edge training & tactics presented by world class instructors. You’ll stay on the edge of your seat  & looking forward to the next DVD. Train Hard Fight Easy--there is no acceptable alternative.


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